Oy - kokokyinaka - Kokokyinaka | Creaked Records

Though the impetus for the album comes from half-heard stories and pieces of fables picked up while winding through the Kasbah the actual writing and the production for the record happened in Berlin under the guidance of talented drummer, producer, and co-writer Lleluja-Ha, whose textural drumming and feel for well fleshed out arrangements gives the album a strong backbone for Frempong’s lyrical diversion into stories collected on trips to Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, and South Africa.

“Kokokyinaka” is the Twi name for the Great Blue Turaco or Giant Plantain Eater, the big blue bird that the Ashantis say taught human beings to drum. The bird is the totem for drummers, who call on it and address it as their mentor when warming up. (OY was born in Ghana in 1978, but grew up in Dietlikon, near Zurich; her mom is Swiss.)

Oy - KokokyinakaOy - KokokyinakaOy - KokokyinakaOy - Kokokyinaka